Antoine Duclos

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When assessing the value of intraoperative nerve monitoring (IONM) during routine thyroidectomy, it is necessary to consider its influence on the surgeon’s dissection technique. We investigated the effect of IONM on individual surgeon performance by determining the learning curve associated with this tool. A one-year prospective study was conducted between(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the association between surgeons' experience and postoperative complications in thyroid surgery. DESIGN Prospective cross sectional multicentre study. SETTING High volume referral centres in five academic hospitals in France. PARTICIPANTS All patients who underwent a thyroidectomy undertaken by every surgeon in these hospitals(More)
BACKGROUND The study objectives were: 1) to report on invasive aspergillosis patients in a hematology department; and 2) to estimate its incidence according to the hematologic diagnosis. DESIGN AND METHODS A prospective survey of invasive aspergillosis cases was undertaken between January 2004 and December 2009 in the hematology department of a university(More)
OBJECTIVE Matching healthcare staff resources to patient needs in the ICU is a key factor for quality of care. We aimed to assess the impact of the staffing-to-patient ratio and workload on ICU mortality. DESIGN We performed a multicenter longitudinal study using routinely collected hospital data. SETTING Information pertaining to every patient in eight(More)
BACKGROUND While radical prostatectomy surgeon learning curves have characterized less blood loss, shorter operative times, and fewer positive margins, there is a dearth of studies characterizing learning curves for improving sexual function. Additionally, while learning curve studies often define volume thresholds for improvement, few of these studies(More)
BACKGROUND Accreditation usually requires that healthcare staff assess the quality of care delivered to patients in their own hospitals. It is unknown whether this assessment depends on the workplace rather than on the professional category of health personnel. OBJECTIVE We aimed to identify major determinants of the perception of various categories of(More)
BACKGROUND A control chart can help to interpret and reduce sources of variability in patient safety by continuously monitoring indicators. The aim of this study was to monitor the outcome of thyroid surgery using control charts. METHODS Patients who had thyroid surgery during 2006-2007 were included in the study. Safety was monitored based on(More)
OBJECTIVES Individual surgeon experience and the cumulative experience of the surgical team have both been implicated as factors that influence surgical efficiency. We sought to quantitatively evaluate the effects of both individual surgeon experience and the cumulative experience of attending surgeon-cardiothoracic fellow collaborations in isolated(More)
BACKGROUND Hip fractures are the most devastating result of osteoporosis and are common worldwide. Based on an exponential increase in incidence with age, many studies in the 1990s forecasted an epidemic of hip fracture in women in the next 15 years which is not currently being observed. Despite the ageing of the populations, accurate description of hip(More)
BACKGROUND In France, Legionnaires disease is mainly caused by Legionella pneumophila. Here, we investigated possible host factors associated with susceptibility to community-acquired Legionnaires disease caused by the endemic Paris and Lorraine strains. METHODS We conducted a double-nested exploratory case-control study with use of data from the French(More)