Antoine Duclos

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OBJECTIVE To determine the association between surgeons' experience and postoperative complications in thyroid surgery. DESIGN Prospective cross sectional multicentre study. SETTING High volume referral centres in five academic hospitals in France. PARTICIPANTS All patients who underwent a thyroidectomy undertaken by every surgeon in these hospitals(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative delirium is common in the elderly and is associated with a significant increase in mortality, complications, length of hospital stay and admission in long care facility. Although several interventions have proved their effectiveness to prevent it, the Cochrane advises an assessment of multifaceted intervention using rigorous(More)
BACKGROUND Adverse drug events could often be prevented. One of their main causes is that patients rarely know how to detect them. Another cause is inadequate communication between patients and physicians. If patients were to be effectively trained in detecting and reporting adverse drug events, this should help to prevent their occurrence and subsequent(More)
BACKGROUND Efforts to provide a valid picture of surgeons' individual performance evolution should frame their outcomes in relation to what is expected depending on their experience. We derived the learning curve of young thyroidectomy surgeons as a baseline to enable the accurate assessment of their individual outcomes and avoid erroneous conclusions that(More)
BACKGROUND Mass tourism during winter in mountain areas may cause significant clustering of body injuries leading to increasing emergency admissions at hospital. We aimed at assessing if surgical safety and efficiency was maintained in this particular context. METHODS We selected all emergency admissions of open surgery performed in French hospitals(More)
BACKGROUND The emergency department has been identified as an area within the health care sector with the highest reports of violence. The best way to control violence is to prevent it before it becomes an issue. Ideally, to prevent violent episodes we should eliminate all triggers of frustration and violence. Our study aims to assess the impact of a(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether an innovative graphical tool for accurate measurement of individual surgeon performance metrics, adjusted for both surgeon-specific and patient-specific factors, significantly alters interpretation of performance data. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of all total knee replacements (TKRs) conducted at the host institution(More)
BACKGROUND While it is known that increasing surgeon experience is correlated with improved efficiency and safety in the reduction mammaplasty procedure, it is unclear whether these improvements lead to an erosion in patient satisfaction. METHODS The authors distributed the Breast-Q questionnaire to all patients who underwent bilateral reduction(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish the pattern of change in individual scientific production over the career of medical researchers. DESIGN Retrospective cohort based on prospectively collected data in a hospital information system. SETTING Multicentre university hospital in France. PARTICIPANTS Two distinct populations of 1835 researchers (full professors vs(More)
To describe the clinical manifestations, treatments, prognosis, and prevalence of autoimmune diseases (ADs) in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients. All HIV-infected patients managed in the and presenting an AD were retrospectively included. Thirty-six ADs were found among 5186 HIV-infected patients which represents a prevalence of 0.69%(More)