Antoine Delmotte

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Despite the recognized importance of the multi-scale spatio-temporal organization of proteins, most computational tools can only access a limited spectrum of time and spatial scales, thereby ignoring the effects on protein behavior of the intricate coupling between the different scales. Starting from a physico-chemical atomistic network of interactions that(More)
A kinetic model of plant nutrition described by Cloutier et al. (Cloutier et al., 2008. Biotechnol Bioeng 99:189-200) is progressively simplified so as to obtain a predictive model that describes the evolution of the biomass and the extracellular and intracellular concentrations of three determining nutrients, that is, free intracellular nitrogen,(More)
With an increasingly older population in western countries, the number of cases for cardiac disease is continuously growing. To cope with the deep need for medical monitoring related to heart problems, wireless devices have been developed with a medical sensor recording the patient’s electrocardiogram, detecting any arrhythmia, and sending the abnormal(More)
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