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Bioactive small molecules, such as drugs or metabolites, bind to proteins or other macro-molecular targets to modulate their activity, which in turn results in the observed phenotypic effects. For this reason, mapping the targets of bioactive small molecules is a key step toward unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying their bioactivity and predicting(More)
Molecular docking is a computational approach for predicting the most probable position of ligands in the binding sites of macromolecules and constitutes the cornerstone of structure-based computer-aided drug design. Here, we present a new algorithm called Attracting Cavities that allows molecular docking to be performed by simple energy minimizations only.(More)
Langerin is a C-type lectin specifically expressed in Langerhans cells. As recently shown for HIV, Langerin is thought to capture pathogens and mediate their internalisation into Birbeck Granules for elimination. However, the precise functions of Langerin remain elusive, mostly because of the lack of information on its binding properties and physiological(More)
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