Antoine Cournot

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Monoamine oxidase inhibitors can elicit increases in systolic blood pressure after tyramine ingestion (cheese effect). Moclobemide is a new, reversible, preferential monoamine oxidase A inhibitor with antidepressant properties. Its potentiation of the tyramine pressor effect during 200 mg t.i.d. chronic treatment was compared with tranylcypromine, 10 mg(More)
To determine whether changes in LH and testosterone (T) blood levels and pulse signals were induced by sexual arousal, nine healthy young males were presented on two different days with a sexually arousing (S) and a sexually neutral control (C) film. On both sessions, blood was sampled every 10 min for 12 hr. The Cluster and the Detect pulse identification(More)
The kinetics, safety and tolerability of eltoprazine hydrochloride were studied in an open, cross-over, partially randomised design after single oral (8 mg) and intravenous (3 and 8 mg) doses to 12 healthy male subjects. After intravenous administration, the mean t1/2 ranged from 7 to 9 h, the MRT was 11 h, CL was 487 +/- 148 (3 mg dose) and 471 +/- 56 (8(More)
Platelet Activating Factor, PAF-acether, elicits acute and more prolonged inflammatory responses in both experimental animals and man, and is recognised as a possible mediator of asthma. The effect of a specific PAF-acether antagonist, BN 52063, on the early asthmatic response to inhaled allergen was assessed in a randomised, double-blind, crossover study(More)
Onset of sudden death, myocardial infarction, and stroke occurs more likely in the morning hours. Similarly, a morning increase in epinephrine-induced platelet aggregation was observed accompanied by an increase in plasma catecholamines. Inhibition of the morning increase in platelet aggregation would be of therapeutic benefit. In this study the effect of(More)
The effects of single doses and of 7 days of lansoprazole 10, 20 and 30 mg PO versus placebo on gastric acid secretion have been evaluated in 8 patients with high gastric acid secretion. The double blind crossover period was followed by a simple blind 7 days on placebo to detect any rebound phenomenon. After the first dose lansoprazole did not modify basal(More)
It has been suggested that PAF-acether may be an important mediator in asthma and a PAF antagonist may therefore have a potentially important role. PAF-acether has been shown to induce a dual inflammatory response in the skin of man and we investigated the effect of BN 52063, a PAF antagonist, on this response. At a dose of 80 mg, BN 52063 orally inhibited(More)
Eight healthy men were randomly assigned in a latin square order to receive single doses of placebo, tertatolol 5 mg, propranolol 80 mg and atenolol 100 mg at 7-day intervals. Resting heart rate and pulmonary function were measured 10 min before and over the 240 min following dosing, and then 15 min after inhalation of salbutamol 200 µg and ipratropium(More)
Bioavailability of lansoprazole, a new gastric proton pump inhibitor, was investigated in 12 healthy subjects. Each subject received in random order, lansoprazole (30 mg) alone or associated with standard meal or with antacids (aluminium and magnesium hydroxides) or one hour later than antacids. Lansoprazole and metabolite (sulfone (AG 1813), sulfide (AG(More)
Forearm arterial hemodynamics, including measurements of brachial artery diameter and compliance with pulsed Doppler velocimetry were determined before and after acute administration of labetalol in patients with sustained essential hypertension. Labetalol caused a significant and rapid drop in blood pressure with a decrease in forearm vascular resistance(More)