Antoine Corbière

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The availability of iron limits primary productivity and the associated uptake of carbon over large areas of the ocean. Iron thus plays an important role in the carbon cycle, and changes in its supply to the surface ocean may have had a significant effect on atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations over glacial-interglacial cycles. To date, the role of(More)
[1] Despite improvements in our understanding of the Southern Ocean air-sea flux of CO2, discrepancies still exist between a variety of differing ocean/atmosphere methodologies. Here we employ an independent method to estimate the Southern Ocean air-sea flux of CO2 that exploits all available surface ocean measurements for dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)(More)
The oceans are a major sink for atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). Historically, observations have been too sparse to allow accurate tracking of changes in rates of CO2 uptake over ocean basins, so little is known about how these vary. Here, we show observations indicating substantial variability in the CO2 uptake by the North Atlantic on time scales of a(More)
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