Antoine Chambaz

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The most important knowledge in the area of biology currently consists of raw text documents. Bibliographic databases of biomedical articles can be searched, but an efficient procedure should evaluate the relevance of documents to biology. In genetics, this challenge is even trickier, because of the lack of consistency in genes' naming tradition. We aim to(More)
We study a variant of the multi-armed bandit problem with multiple plays in which the user wishes to sample the m out of k arms with the highest expected rewards, but at any given time can only sample ≤ m arms. When = m, Thompson sampling was recently shown to be asymptotically efficient. We derive an asymptotic regret lower bound for any uniformly(More)
UNLABELLED We describe the implementation of the method introduced by Chambaz et al. in 2012. We also demonstrate its genome-wide application to the integrative search of new regions with strong association between DNA copy number and gene expression accounting for DNA methylation in breast cancers. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION An open-source R package(More)
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