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A persistence enhancing propensity account of ecological function to explain ecosystem evolution
We argue that ecology in general and biodiversity and ecosystem function (BEF) research in particular need an understanding of functions which is both ahistorical and evolutionarily grounded. Expand
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Promoting Resilience
Broadening contingents of ecologists and environmental scientists have recently begun to promote ecological resilience both as a conceptual framework and as a practical goal. As some critics haveExpand
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Health, homeostasis, and the situation-specificity of normality
Christopher Boorse’s Biostatistical Theory of Health has been the main contender among naturalistic accounts of health for the last 40 years. Yet, a recent criticism of this theory, presented byExpand
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Functional Biodiversity and the Concept of Ecological Function
This chapter argues that the common claim that the ascription of ecological functions to organisms in functional ecology raises issues about levels of natural selection is ill-founded. This claim, IExpand
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Ecological Nature: A Non-Dualistic Concept for Rethinking Humankind’s Place in the World
This paper puts forward a concept of naturalness as an alternative to the wilderness concept, which has been criticized for problematically situating human beings outside the natural world and thusExpand
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Neither superorganisms nor mere species aggregates: Charles Elton’s sociological analogies and his moderate holism about ecological communities
This paper analyzes community ecologist Charles Elton’s ideas on animal communities, and situates them with respect to the classical opposition between organicist–holistic andExpand
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Functional ecology's non-selectionist understanding of function.
  • Antoine C. Dussault
  • Sociology, Medicine
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  • 1 August 2018
This paper reinforces the current consensus against the applicability of the selected effect theory of function in ecology. It does so by presenting an argument which, in contrast with the usualExpand
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Natural Food
In April 2012, a picture of a note posted in a natural food store in Rhode Island went viral. It stated that Kashi cereals were taken off the shelves because they were made with genetically modifiedExpand
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Welfare, Health, and the Moral Considerability of Nonsentient Biological Entites
This paper discusses a challenge to the claims made by biocentrists and some ecocentrists that some nonsentient biological entities (e.g., organisms, species, ecosystems) qualify as candidates forExpand