Antoine Bosquet

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OBJECTIVE A disease resembling the human spondylarthropathies develops in HLA-B27-transgenic rats. This disease in rats is mediated by CD4+ T cells, but antigen-presenting cells (APCs) may also play a role. Dendritic cells (DCs) have been reported to be defective in allogeneic mixed lymphocyte culture in this model. Here, we further investigated the(More)
OBJECTIVE There may be ethical issues associated with allowing certain inpatients to vote as some may be cognitively impaired. During the 2007 elections in France, we conducted a prospective observational study on voting among hospitalized patients. METHOD Patients hospitalized in an Internal Medicine and Geriatric Department on election day were(More)
In democratic countries, cognitively impaired persons are a substantial and growing group of citizens. Most of them are citizens with dementia. In dementia, cognitive impairment induces a loss of some capacities, resulting in vulnerability and increased need for assistance. Voting by cognitively impaired persons raises any questions about the integrity of(More)
To assess voting conditions in long-term care settings, we conducted a multicenter survey after the 2009 European elections in France. A questionnaire about voting procedures and European elections was proposed in 146 out of 884 randomized facilities. Sixty-four percent of facilities answered the questionnaire. Four percent of residents voted (national(More)
Clinical trials are the foundation of therapeutic evaluation. Their interpretation and usefulness depend on their compliance with strict methodological rules. Departments of internal medicine admit patients with many different diseases, a variety that makes it difficult to organize and conduct clinical trials in their standard form. This article reviews the(More)
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