Antoine Bégault

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This paper presents preliminary analysis and modelling of facial motion capture data recorded on a speaker uttering nonsense syllables and sentences with various acted facial expressions. We analyze here the impact of facial expressions on articulation and determine prediction errors of simple models trained to map neutral articulation to the various facial(More)
We present the first sketch-based modeling method for developable surfaces with pre-designed folds, such as garments or leather products. The main challenge we address for building folded surfaces from sketches is that silhouette strokes on the sketch correspond to discontinuous sets of non-planar curves on the 3D model. We introduce a new zippering(More)
Pretend play is a storytelling technique, naturally used from very young ages, which relies on object substitution to represent the characters of the imagined story. We propose a system which assists the storyteller by generating a virtualized story from a recorded dialogue performed with 3D printed figurines. We capture the gestures and facial expressions(More)
Maintaining the local style and scale of 2D shape features during deformation, such as when elongating, compressing, or bending a shape, is essential for interactive shape editing. To achieve this, a necessary first step is to develop a robust classification method able to detect salient shape features, if possible in a hierarchical manner. Our aim is to(More)
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