Antoine Affouard

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This paper presents several improvements of Pl@ntNet1, an image sharing and retrieval application for identifying plants [6]: (i) ported to most android platforms (ii) three times more data (iii) exploiting metadata as well as visual content in the identification process (iv) a new multi-plant-organ, multi-image and multi-feature merging strategy with(More)
Pl@ntNet is an innovative participatory sensing platform relying on image-based plants identification as a mean to enlist non-expert contributors and facilitate the production of botanical observation data. One year after the public launch of the mobile application, we carry out a self-critical evaluation of the experience with regard to the requirements of(More)
Pl@ntNet is a large-scale participatory platform and information system dedicated to the production of botanical data through image-based plant identification. In June 2015, Pl@ntNet mobile front-ends moved from classical hand-crafted visual features to deep-learning based image representations. This paper gives an overview of today’s Pl@ntNet architecture(More)
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