Antoaneta P. Petkova

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We examined the extent to which organizations’ reputations encompass different types of stakeholders’ perceptions, which may have differential effects on economic outcomes. Specifically, we propose that reputation consists of two dimensions: (1) stakeholders’ perceptions of an organization as able to produce quality goods and (2) organizations’ prominence(More)
Innovation researchers recognize that the uncertainty with regard to the value-creating potential of product innovations increases with their technological novelty, and have argued that the usefulness and value of novel products are socially constructed. Despite this recognition, researchers have not explored how the outer form in which a technological(More)
While strategy and organizational researchers increasingly recognize that observers’ perceptions and beliefs about firms have a substantive effect on firms’ access to resources and performance, the processes through which these perceptions form are not well understood. To address this question, we examined how three new firms –,(More)
Management researchers recognize organizational reputation as a valuable intangible asset that contributes to organizational performance. However, they have paid limited attention to the extent to which reputation encompasses different stakeholders’ perceptions that may have differential effects on the positive economic outcomes associated with the(More)
Title of dissertation: REPUTATION BUILDING BY NEW VENTURES: THREE ESSAYS ON PROCESSES AND PERFORMANCE Antoaneta Petkova Petkova, Doctor of Philosophy, 2006 Dissertation directed by: Professor Anil K. Gupta and Professor Violina P. Rindova Department of Management and Organization Management scholars have established the importance of reputation for firm(More)
This study highlights how firm reputation both enables and constrains engagement in novel actions that fall outside established business practices. In a study of venture capital (VC) investment in the emerging clean energy sector, we find that VC firms with medium reputation are more likely to engage in novel action and tend to do so earlier than either(More)
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