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Fetal stem cells possess some intriguing characteristics, which delineate them as promising cellular therapeutics. They are less immunogenic, at lower stage of differentiation and have higher potential for repopulation and migration. Furthermore, the fetal stem cells secrete a set of cytokines and growth factors, which stimulate the regeneration of the(More)
House dust mites Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Dpt) are among the most frequent causes of allergy symptoms in Europe. Der p 1 is one of the major allergenic compounds of Dpt and the pathological Der p 1-specific B cells play a key role as producers of allergen-binding antibodies. The selective elimination of these cells by artificial protein molecules(More)
The presently used approaches to silence autoreactive disease-associated B cells act indiscriminately and more specific therapies are obviously needed. In the present study, we analyze the ability of a chimeric antibody to suppress selectively pathological autoreactive B-lymphocytes in lupus-prone mice by cross-linking their surface Ig receptors with the(More)
Haberlea is one of the few Gesneriaceae genera that has entered Europe. It is a highly endangered genus and red-listed in Bulgaria. Two species, H. rhodopensis and H. ferdinandi-coburgii, have been described to occur in Bulgaria, but this has never been addressed systematically. Here, we used molecular ISSR markers, morphological and nuclear DNA content to(More)
A total of 50 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), as well as the B-cell leukaemia cell lines MEC-1, JVM-3, and BV-173 were studied in order to assess the incidence of CD13/aminopeptidase N (APN) immunolabelling with a monoclonal antibody 7H5 compared to LeuM7 and to CD13 mRNA levels, and to correlate these data with the cytotoxic and(More)
The trophoblast has a significant role in regulation of immune reactions at the materno-fetal interface by producing biologically active substances. In our previous studies five fractions with immunomodulatory activities were isolated by gel chromatography from trophoblast of pig placentas. To confirm the immunomodulatory effect of these trophoblast(More)
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