Antje Wolf

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Glial cell swelling is a central cause of ischemic edema in the brain and retina; however, the regulation of glial cell volume by endogenous factors in situ is largely unknown. In slices of the postischemic retina of the rat, the somata of glial (Müller) cells swell upon hypotonic stress that is not observed in slices of control retinas. We describe an(More)
Though different species of the genus Plasmodium may be responsible for malaria, the variant caused by P. falciparum is often very dangerous and even fatal if untreated. Hemoglobin degradation is one of the key metabolic processes for the survival of the Plasmodium parasite in its host. Plasmepsins, a family of aspartic proteases encoded by the Plasmodium(More)
Since the development of the first docking algorithm in the early 1980s a variety of different docking approaches and tools has been created in order to solve the docking problem. Subsequent studies have shown that the docking performance of most tools strongly depends on the considered target. Thus it is hard to choose the best algorithm in the situation(More)
With improvements in computer speed and algorithm efficiency, MD simulations are sampling larger amounts of molecular and biomolecular conformations. Being able to qualitatively and quantitatively sift these conformations into meaningful groups is a difficult and important task, especially when considering the structure-activity paradigm. Here we present a(More)
MOTIVATION Biomedical ontologies have proved to be valuable tools for data analysis and data interoperability. Protein-ligand interactions are key players in drug discovery and development; however, existing public ontologies that describe the knowledge space of biomolecular interactions do not cover all aspects relevant to pharmaceutical modelling and(More)
Chemical structure data and corresponding measured bioactivities of compounds are nowadays easily available from public and commercial databases. However, these databases contain heterogeneous data from different laboratories determined under different protocols and, in addition, sometimes even erroneous entries. In this study, we evaluated the use of data(More)
In this paper we present DockFlow, a prototypic version of a PharmaGrid. DockFlow is supporting pharmaceutical research through enabling virtual screening on the Grid. The system was developed in the course of the BRIDGE project funded by the European Commission. Grids have been used before to run compute- and data-intensive virtual screening experiments,(More)
The bacterial ribosome is a major target of naturally occurring thiopeptides antibiotics. Studying thiopeptide (e.g. thiostrepton) binding to the GAR's 23S·L11 ribosomal subunit using docking methods is challenging. Regarding the target, the binding site is composed of a flexible protein-RNA nonbonded interface whose available crystal structure is of medium(More)
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