Antje Wiener

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This article argues that ‘contested compliance’, i.e. a situation in which compliance conditions are challenged by the expected norm followers, offers an empirical access point for studying changes in the normative structure of world politics. It conceptualizes the normative structure as the ‘structure of meaning-in-use’ that works as a reference frame for(More)
PURPOSE Previous studies have shown that physicians often have poor knowledge of the medical restriction on fitness to drive, or submit poor quality medical reports. To determine the reliability of physicians' reports on fitness to drive, the medical data provided on the standard medical fitness form was compared with the additional data collected on(More)
In European integration studies citizenship policy has not received much attention as a practice. Instead much of the literature has predominantly focused on legal assessments of Union citizenship shedding light on the limitations of supranational citizenship -compared to the familiar statist concepts of citizenship. Legal approaches have thus often adopted(More)
First of all, thanks are due to Jonathan Havercroft for extending the invitation to discuss A Theory of Contestation at the “Author Meets Critics” panel at the American Political Science Association meeting in San Francisco in 2015, and for subsequently putting together this symposium. Needless to say, I am also incredibly thankful and humbled by the(More)
of the European Parliament (Berthold Rittberger) and the new Citizens Direct Legislative Initiative (Carlos Closa Montero) as well as the overall impact of the Lisbon Treaty on Europarties (Luciano Bardi). Changes in executive-legislative relations deriving from the newly created leadership roles were discussed in a broad sense (Amie Kreppel) and with a(More)
INTRODUCTION Considering that parental well-being influences the healing process of a child significantly, the relevance of psychosocial care of parents with children with cancer is obvious. Since the parental distress has hardly been studied in Germany, this study examines the burdens of parents of children with cancer. In addition, it provides a(More)
This paper analyses the adoption of EU conditions regarding non-discrimination and minority protection in three applicant countries: Romania, Hungary and Poland. While non-discrimination is a well established EU norm, minority rights are a contested norm and not enshrined in the acquis communautaire. It is argued that contestation over norm meaning(More)
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