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We have recently proposed a phase diagram for mixtures of porcine brain sphingomyelin (BSM), cholesterol (Chol), and 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (POPC) on the basis of kinetics of carboxyfluorescein efflux induced by the amphipathic peptide delta-lysin. Although that study indicated the existence of domains, phase separations in the micrometer(More)
The kinetics and thermodynamics of binding of transportan 10 (tp10) and four of its variants to phospholipid vesicles, and the kinetics of peptide-induced dye efflux, were compared. Tp10 is a 21-residue, amphipathic, cationic, cell-penetrating peptide similar to helical antimicrobial peptides. The tp10 variants examined include amidated and free peptides,(More)
We investigated the dependence of membrane binding on amino acid sequence for a series of amphipathic peptides derived from δ-lysin. δ-Lysin is a 26 amino acid, N-terminally formylated, hemolytic peptide that forms an amphipathic α-helix bound at membrane-water interfaces. A shortened peptide, lysette, was derived from δ-lysin by deletion of the four(More)
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