Antje Hoff

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Analysis of developmental mechanisms during neuroembryogenesis, evaluation of toxicological effects and testing of neuroprotheses rely to an increasing extent on in vivo-like in vitro models. We have developed a novel organotypic culture system of the chick retina. Tissue slices of embryonic retinae were immobilized on glass coverslips by a fibrin clot and(More)
The identification of epitopes that elicit cytotoxic T-lymphocyte activity is a prerequisite for the development of cancer-specific immunotherapies. However, especially the parallel characterization of several epitopes is limited by the availability of T cells. Microarrays have enabled an unprecedented miniaturization and parallelization in biological(More)
OBJECTIVE A preliminary study was conducted in 17 female volunteers (mean age 29.8 years) to gain deeper insights into the characteristics of terminal Caucasian female body hair of different body parts. The focus on Caucasian women was driven by the high number of different scalp hair phenotypes in this ethnicity and intended to identify relevant(More)
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