Antje Grabosch

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Somatic stem cells are reservoirs to replace lost cells or damaged tissue. Cells with neural stem cell (NSC) characteristics can be isolated from the postnatal mammalian brain into adulthood and expanded as neurospheres. We addressed the ability of these in vitro expanded putative NSCs to retain progenitor characteristics in vivo, in analogy to(More)
The generation of pluripotent stem cells by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) has recently been achieved in human cells and sparked new interest in this technology. The authors reporting this methodical breakthrough speculated that SCNT would allow the creation of patient-matched embryonic stem cells, even in patients with hereditary mitochondrial(More)
OBJECTIVES Gaining cardiac surgical competence is a complex, multifactorial process that may take years of experience and on-the-job training. It is critical to provide suitable educational opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge, judgment and skills. In response to the multitude of factors (e.g. European Working Time Directive) currently influencing(More)
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