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Refusal of treatment with antipsychotic medication was studied prospectively in a sample of 1434 psychiatric patients admitted to four acute inpatient units in state-operated mental health facilities in Massachusetts during a 6-month period. Compared with a control group of patients who accepted prescribed antipsychotic treatment, the 103 patients who(More)
Massachusetts civil commitment criteria were compared in an emergency setting with a set of criteria developed by Dr. Alan Stone. Contrary to expectations, the Stone criteria proved to be more restrictive in a sample of 503 patients. Few patients would be newly committable under the Stone criteria; of the 35 patients committable under the Stone standard, 32(More)
The dangerousness-oriented commitment criteria of Massachusetts were compared with the paternalistic Stone model of commitment in an emergency setting. In a sample of 1062 patients, the Stone criteria were more restrictive than the dangerousness-oriented criteria; 91 patients were committable by the Stone model compared with 218 under the present statute. A(More)
A retrospective study was carried out of all heroin abusers admitted to an acute psychiatric unit to examine their use of the facility of in-patient care. The compliance with treatment was low. Most patients discharged themselves or were discharged prematurely for using drugs while in the ward; only 21% were discharged as planned. The value of hospital(More)