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BACKGROUND The diffusion of the surgical technique of cardiac valve replacement with metallic prostheses, as well as bypass graft in the arterial occlusive disease of the lower extremities, both requiring permanent oral anticoagulation, has increased the number of patients affected by chronic subdural hematoma that can be diagnosed at an earlier stage of(More)
A case is reported of persistent primitive trigeminal artery associated with recurrent facial pain and noncomitant strabismus by partial ipsilateral oculomotor palsy. Transcranial Doppler disclosed indirectly persistent carotid-basilar anastomosis. CT and angiography allowed complete diagnosis excluding a posterior communicating artery aneurysm, a(More)
Aneurysms of the distal posterior inferior cerebellar artery are rare comprising less than 0.5 to 3% of all aneurysms. The authors report two cases of distal PICA aneurysms: a case of a ruptured saccular aneurysm arising on the tonsillomedullary segment of the PICA and a case of a giant aneurysm arising on junctional site of lateral-medullary and(More)
AIM Autogenous bone flap adequately preserved can be used successfully for repair of iatrogenic cranial bone defects because of its biological and economic advantages. The commonly used techniques of bone preservation are freezing at temperature ranging from -16 to -40 inverted exclamation mark C or subcutaneous pocketing. METHODS We searched on NLM(More)
Computed tomography was performed in a patient with a median nerve tumor at the arm, histologically confirmed as neurilemmoma. Neurilemmoma was a slightly hypodense, solid tumor with no vascular contrast enhancement. To our knowledge this is the first CT description of a median nerve neurilemmoma at the arm. According to our experience and to previous(More)
Metastatic involvement of brachial plexopathy is a rare condition that is often associated with advanced systemic breast cancer and the role of surgeon appears to be restricted because radio-chemotherapy is better recommended in this setting. We report a case of a 64-year-old woman that presented a very delayed breast cancer metastatic lower trunks lesions(More)
BACKGROUND The infection of the external ventricular drainage (EDV) remains the main morbidity and mortality associated with this procedure, in the setting of the treatment of hydrocephalus and its complications, leading to excess of hospitalization with annual economic burden. METHODS. In this 3-year retrospective study we selected and reviewed the records(More)
The authors report a case of brachial vein epithelioid hemangioendothelioma resembling a median nerve neoplasm clinically and radiologically. It was found as a mass closely attached to median nerve and arising from one of two brachial veins. Simple resection, requiring sacrifice of the vein, allowed nerve median sparing but recurrence occurred one year(More)
A xanthomatous lesion of vermis cerebelli was removed successfully from the posterior fossa of a 19 years old girl with insulin-dependent diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, admitted for cerebellar hemorrhage. A review of literature shows that this is the first case of xanthomatous lesion presented with cerebellar hemorrhage. The pathogenesis of this lesion(More)
Six very elderly patients (mean of age: 85 years with range from 80 to 95 years) with mean GCS = 12 and mean clinical grade = 2.5 affected by traumatic chronic subdural hematoma (CT mean maximum thickness = 2.8 +/- 0.46 cm with midline shift = 1.56 +/- 0.48 cm and absence of homolateral mesencefalic cistern in all case but one) underwent parietal or frontal(More)