Anthony Y. Montgomery

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Efforts to map coral reef ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago using optical imagery have revealed the presence of numerous scleractinian, zoothanthellate coral reefs at depths of 30–130+ m, most of which were previously undiscovered. Such coral reefs and their associated communities have been recently defined as mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs).(More)
Although the existence of coral-reef habitats at depths to 165 m in tropical regions has been known for decades, the richness, diversity, and ecological importance of mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs) has only recently become widely acknowledged. During an interdisciplinary effort spanning more than two decades, we characterized the most expansive MCEs(More)
Mesophotic hard corals (MHC) are increasingly threatened by a growing number of anthropogenic stressors, including impacts from fishing, land-based sources of pollution, and ocean acidification. However, little is known about their geographic distributions (particularly around the Pacific islands) because it is logistically challenging and expensive to(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify factors associated with male workers' participation in different kinds of physical activity, noting differences between white collar and blue collar workers. This study examined the variables, perceived health status, self efficacy, perceived barriers, age, education, income, and job category (Pender, 1987) for(More)
A survey of all elderly people aged 65 years and over from North and West Belfast receiving long-term care in residential and nursing homes, and in psycho-geriatric and geriatric care was undertaken. A total of 967 subjects was studied and physical dependency and mental impairment documented. The high dependency of residents in geriatric and(More)
In the Hawaiian Archipelago, shallow-water Acropora populations have been documented between Necker and Laysan Islands in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Grigg et al. 1981). Of seven species that have been reported, Acropora cytherea is the most widespread and abundant, with highest densities at the open atoll French Frigate Shoals (FFS), where(More)
Constriction of social and personal activities is one of the most frequently noted consequences of caring for a frail elder. This study analyzed the correlates of perceived limitations in social activities using data from a national sample of the frail elderly and their caregivers. Two research issues were addressed: 1) What differences in demographic,(More)