Anthony Y. H. Fung

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BACKGROUND In patients with acute coronary syndromes, it is desirable to identify a sensitive serum marker that is closely related to the degree of myocardial damage, provides prognostic information, and can be measured rapidly. We studied the prognostic value of cardiac troponin I levels in patients with unstable angina or non-Q-wave myocardial infarction.(More)
Inflammation is part of the innate immune response following insults to the body. This inflammatory reaction can spread throughout the systemic circulation and also into the central nervous system (CNS). CNS involvement has been demonstrated following acute peripheral insults including sepsis, surgery, burns and organ injury. It has also been observed in(More)
With 7.6 million deaths globally, cancer according to the World Health Organisation is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Interleukin 17 (IL-17) is a cytokine produced by Th17 cells, a T helper cell subset developed from an activated CD4+ T-cell. Whilst the importance of IL-17 in human autoimmune disease, inflammation, and pathogen defence(More)
Y oung women with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) frequently have nonatherosclerotic coronary artery disease (NACAD) and may be misdiagnosed. Coronary fibro-muscular dysplasia (CFMD) commonly is overlooked, as the angiographic appearance is often subtle. Our group previously described CFMD as a diffuse obliterative disease starting abruptly at the mid-distal(More)
Addressing the debate over the emancipatory potential of the internet, this article analyses the archival data of an electronic discussion group (e-group), Hong Kong Net (HKnet), to assess the use of the internet by a group of Hong Kong Chinese in the United States to engage in the construction of their own identity within the context of decolonization and(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiogenic shock complicating ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. In the primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) era, randomized trials have not shown a survival benefit with intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) therapy. This differs to observational data which show a(More)
China has become one of the biggest consumers and producers of online games in the world; however, little is known about a burgeoning secondary industry emerging out of the socioeconomic interaction between gamers and the online gaming industry. Through the lens of online gaming guilds—the intermediary institutions between the industry and gamers—this(More)
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