Anthony W. Murray

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23. Budding yeast cells detect a single impaired chromosome , very likely because of improper spindle attachment [M. 30. The hazards caused by pairing and recombination are unique to the first meiotic division, and the response , an exposed kinetochore, is also unique to that division. In the second meiotic division, the ki-netochores are arranged just as(More)
OBJECTIVES Glomerular filtration rate can be measured as the plasma clearance (CL) of a glomerular filtration rate marker despite body fluid disturbances using numerous, prolonged time samples. We desire a simplified technique without compromised accuracy and precision. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared CL values derived from two plasma concentration(More)
The effect of season on "biofilming";, as a cue for the settlement of marine invertebrate larvae, was investigated in a long-term field study during the years 1992-1994. The series of settlement experiments was conducted in a tidal rapid on the west coast of Scotland, and involved manipulations of artificial panels. Biofilming of substrata, whilst excluding(More)
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