Anthony W. Linnane

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A host of compounds are retained in the body of uremic patients, as a consequence of progressive renal failure. Hundreds of compounds have been reported to be retention solutes and many have been proven to have adverse biological activity, and recognized as uremic toxins. The major mechanistic overview considered to contribute to uremic toxin overload(More)
The colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence was examined in relation to the ectopic expression of the oncofoetal Small Intestinal Mucin Antigen (SIMA), to the development of morphologic changes in the adenoma and perineoplastic mucosa and to indices of malignant potential. Four anti-SIMA MAbs, which define a novel hierarchy of SIMA epitopes in the normal(More)
At the time of birth, humans experience an induced pro-inflammatory beneficial event. The mediators of this encouraged activity, is a fleet of bacteria that assault all mucosal surfaces as well as the skin. Thus initiating effects that eventually provide the infant with immune tissue maturation. These effects occur beneath an emergent immune system(More)
The formations of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) have long been considered as major contributors to the dysregulation of the inflammatory response. Reactive oxygen species and RNS productions often are reported to be associated with the development of chronic diseases and acceleration of the aging process. Mechanistically,(More)
Bacteria comprise the earliest form of independent life on this planet. Bacterial development has included co-operative symbiosis with plants (e.g., Leguminosae family and nitrogen fixing bacteria in soil) and animals (e.g., the gut microbiome). A fusion event of two prokaryotes evolutionarily gave rise to the eukaryote cell in which mitochondria may be(More)
Small intestine mucin antigen (SIMA) is an oncofoetal antigen for the colon and is distinct from the normal large intestinal mucin antigen (LIMA). In the present study, a panel of anti-SIMA and anti-LIMA monoclonal antibodies (MAb) was used to charaterise altered mucin expression in colorectal adenocarcinomas, by immunohistochemistry and quantitative(More)
Natural medicines are an attractive option for patients diagnosed with common and debilitating musculoskeletal diseases such as Osteoarthritis (OA) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The high rate of self-medication with natural products is due to (1) lack of an available cure and (2) serious adverse events associated with chronic use of pharmaceutical(More)
Elderly patients undergoing cardiac surgery are more likely to suffer postoperative heart failure than younger patients. This phenomenon is mirrored by an age-related loss of mitochondrial function and by an in vitro loss of myocardial contractile force following a stress. To examine the possibility that loss of mtDNA integrity may be responsible, we(More)
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