Anthony Ventresque

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In semantic web applications where query initiators and information providers do not necessarily share the same ontology, semantic interoperability generally relies on ontology matching or schema map-pings. Information exchange is then not only enabled by the established correspondences (the " shared " parts of the ontologies) but, in some sense, limited to(More)
—Data center optimization, mainly through virtual machine (VM) placement, has received considerable attention in the past years. A lot of heuristics have been proposed to give quick and reasonably good solutions to this problem. However it is difficult to compare them as they use different datasets, while the distribution of resources in the datasets has a(More)
Searching for people by exploration of social networks structure is an interesting problem which has recently gathered a lot of attention. Expert recommendation is an important but also extensively researched problem. In contrast, the generalized problem of team recommendation has not been studied a lot. The purpose of this demo is to show a(More)
Traffic simulation can be very computationally intensive, especially for microscopic simulations of large urban areas (tens of thousands of road segments, hundreds of thousands of agents) and when real-time or better than real-time simulation is required. For instance, running a couple of what-if scenarios for road management authorities/police during a(More)