Anthony Velázquez

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Optimum natural resource management and biodiversity conservation are desirable goals. These, however, often exclude each other, since maximum economic benefits have promoted drastic reductions in biodiversity throughout the world. This dilemma confronts local stakeholders, who usually go for maximizing economic inputs, whereas other social (e.g., academic)(More)
Gender difference approaches to the participation of women in computing have not provided adequate explanations for women’s declining interest in computer science (CS) and related technical fields. Indeed, the search for gender differences can work against diversity which we define as a cross-gender spectrum of characteristics, interests, abilities,(More)
Despite the importance of literacy to most aspects of life, underserved communities continue to suffer from low literacy rates; especially for globally prevalent languages such as English. This is particularly problematic since English literacy is an important skill for increased access to income generation and higher education opportunities in these(More)
1 2 The fast food supply chain is facing increased operating costs due to rising food and energy prices. 3 Based on a case study of a major fast food logistics operator, this paper uses a metaheuristic 4 evolutionary algorithm to find the optimal combination of low carbon vehicle, powertrain and 5 transport refrigeration technologies that minimise net(More)
Diesel is the main fuel choice for commercial vehicles (Freight Transport Association, 2011a, Hill et al., 2011) and its combustion produces CO2 which is considered the main contributor to global warming (Barreto et al., 2003, Lee et al., 2011). For this reason, the government has targeted road transport to reduce its carbon footprint and it has developed(More)
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