Anthony V. D’Antoni

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INTRODUCTION Entrapment of the suprascapular nerve at the suprascapular notch may be due to an ossified suprascapular ligament. The present study was conducted in order to investigate the incidence of this anomaly and to analyze the resultant bony foramen (foramen scapula) for gross nerve compression. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated 104 human scapulae(More)
The aberrant origin of the cerebellar arteries from anterior cerebral circulation is a quite rare vascular variation. Herein, we report a 52-year-old white female with angiographically occult subarachnoid hemorrhage. Left superior and anterior inferior cerebellar arteries were not detected. An aberrant cerebellar artery was noted to arise from the left(More)
The middle meningeal artery (MMA) is often sacrificed during neurosurgical procedures in the region of the pterion. This maneuver, herein, is hypothesized to be a potential reason for the development of postoperative hydrocephalus by injuring the vascular supply to the arachnoid granulations near the vertex of the skull, and thus disrupting their ability to(More)
Juxtapositional tumors of the spinal nerve roots have been noted to not only interact with the roots at various vertebral levels, but also differ among patients. Therefore, the aim of the current study was to elucidate the potential for variation among the relationships of the meningeal layers at different nerve levels. In 20 unembalmed adult cadavers and(More)
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born in the town of da Vinci, Republic of Florence, to a notary and a peasant woman. Although he is renowned primarily as a painter, and is still lauded today for works such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Vitruvian Man, he also contributed considerably to the discipline of anatomy [1]. da Vinci started his work(More)
Few studies have examined the costovertebral joint and its ligaments in detail. Therefore, the following review was performed to better elucidate their anatomy, function and involvement in pathology. Standard search engines were used to find studies concerning the costovertebral joints and ligaments. These often-overlooked ligaments of the body serve(More)
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