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Classifiers are often used to detect miscre-ant activities. We study how an adversary can efficiently query a classifier to elicit information that allows the adversary to evade detection at near-minimal cost. We generalize results of Lowd and Meek (2005) to convex-inducing classifiers. We present algorithms that construct undetected instances of(More)
Recent exome sequencing studies have implicated polymorphic Brg1-associated factor (BAF) complexes (mammalian SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes) in several human intellectual disabilities and cognitive disorders. However, it is currently unknown how mutations in BAF complexes result in impaired cognitive function. Postmitotic neurons express a(More)
BACKGROUND Recombinant protein production in the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris largely relies on integrative vectors. Although the stability of integrated expression cassettes is well appreciated for most applications, the availability of reliable episomal vectors for this host would represent a useful tool to expedite cloning and high-throughput(More)
—Search has been unfairly maligned within digital humanities big data research. While many digital tools lack a wide audience due to the uncertainty of researchers regarding their operation and/or skepticism towards their utility, search offers functions already familiar and potentially transparent to a range of users. To adapt search to the scale of Big(More)
The Macademia website promotes faculty collaboration and research by visualizing faculty research interests as a dynamic "constellation."Semantic similarity inference algorithms power the site's visualization, allowing users to spatially browse related research interests, and researchers who have those interests.
Prior studies have suggested abnormalities of serum proteins, including paraproteins, in women with silicone implants but did not control for the presence of connective-tissue disease (CTD). This retrospective case-control study, performed in tertiary-care academic centers, assessed possible alterations of serum proteins, including paraproteins, in such a(More)
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