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To qualitatively and quantitatively compare different late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) sequences acquired at 3T with a parallel RF transmission technique. One hundred and sixty participants prospectively enrolled underwent a 3T cardiac MRI with 3 different LGE sequences: 3D Phase-Sensitive Inversion-Recovery (3D-PSIR) acquired 5 minutes after injection, 3D(More)
A series of trimeric, Zn(II)- and Cd(II)-metallocycles is reported. Structural characterization of the highly stable triangles was supported by traveling-wave ion mobility-mass spectrometry (TWIM-MS) and gradient tandem mass spectrometry (gMS(2)). Their unique photophysical properties and self-assembly to form nanofibers are also described.
OBJECTIVES To compare cine MR b-TFE sequences acquired before and after gadolinium injection, on a 3T scanner with a parallel RF transmission technique in order to potentially improve scanning time efficiency when evaluating LV function. METHODS 25 consecutive patients scheduled for a cardiac MRI were prospectively included and had their b-TFE cine(More)
The self-assembly of the o-carborane-based, bisterpyridyl monomer, 1,2-bis[4'-(4-ethynylphenyl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine]-o-carborane, utilizing either Zn(II) or Fe(II) in a precise metal : ligand ratio (1 : 1), generated a family of metallomacrocycles that were studied via ESI-TWIM-MS, (1)H NMR, and 2D NMR (COSY, NOESY). Under kinetic control, via formation(More)
Medium-sized cyclic oligomeric phosphazenes [PCl2N]m (where m = 5-9) that were prepared from the reaction of PCl5 and NH4Cl in refluxing chlorobenzene have been isolated by a combination of sublimation/extraction and column chromatography from the predominant products [PCl2N]3 and [PCl2N]4. The medium-sized rings [PCl2N]m have been characterized by(More)
Two novel macromolecular constitutional isomers have been self-assembled from previously unreported terpyridine ligands in a three-component system. The terpyridine ligands were synthesized in high yields via a key Suzuki coupling. Restrictions of the possible outcomes for self-assembly ultimately provided optimum conditions for isolation of either a(More)
Square feat: The synthesis, isolation, and characterization of five novel bisterpyridine-based metallomacrocycles, possessing a folded tetrameric configuration is reported (see figure). The initial dimeric building block with the stable linear {tpy-Ru(II)-tpy} connectivity circumvents the formation of the thermodynamically favored molecular triangles.
Where there's a wheel, there's a way: The terpyridine-based title system has been synthesized through a facile self-assembly process. Two tris(terpyridine) ligands possessing angles of either 120° or 60° between adjacent tpy units were mixed with a stoichiometric amount of Zn(2+) (2:6:12) to generate the desired coordination-driven bicycle-like wheel (90 %(More)
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