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Medicine and the Holocaust: a visit to the Nazi death camps as a means of teaching medical ethics in the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps
A novel method of teaching military medical ethics, medical ethics and military ethics in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Medical Corps, essential topics for all military medical personnel, isExpand
regression equations can be used to reduce time, cost, and risk of radiation exposure for some purposes, such as repeated studies in the same patient. Other imaging techniques, including dual energyExpand
The doctor who became a shepherd
I used to start my day as a GP by logging on and checking my patients’ latest laboratory and imaging results. I work in Ashdod, a town of a quarter of a million inhabitants in the southern part ofExpand
A memorable patient: Legacies
She was my first patient of the afternoon in the kibbutz clinic. An elderly woman with a Hungarian accent—in truth, every patient had a different accent since Israel has provided a safe haven for allExpand