Anthony Ruocco

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Digital Video is an exciting new medium with the potential to revolutionize the way organizations train their employees. However, there are questions that must be answered. How practical is video? What is the demand? What is the best use of video? In this paper, we compare the performance and quality of common digital formats, analyze 851,770 queries from(More)
This paper presents the design of a curricular program that meets the educational needs of an interdisciplinary student cohort (e.g. where many are not majoring in any engineering discipline) through courses with intradisiplinary involvement between different stages in the instructional sequence. It proposes a curricular paradigm which allows students to(More)
The United States Military Academy prepares each and every one of its students for professional service as an Army officer. The general educational goal is to " enable its graduates to anticipate and to respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological ... world. " It uses the " Engineer Thought Process " to help meet this general goal.(More)
The United States Military Academy requires each cadet to take a five course engineering sequence. There are seven sequences embedded in engineering programs. Engineering majors take the sequence embedded in their program. That is Civil Engineers take the Civil Engineering sequence, Electrical Engineers take the Electrical Engineering sequence, Computer(More)
Many universities are in the process of reorganizing their computer science, electrical engineering and management of information systems to better reflect the cross-disciplinary aspects of information technology. In the midst of this changing landscape, software engineering programs are being established and software engineering as a discipline is finally(More)
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