Anthony Ruocco

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This paper is written in the context of Information Warfare being a serious and direct threat to our nation's security. The National Security Council defines such threats as ones that endanger our national goals and objectives. In general, these include threats to the lives of American citizens and residents, threats to our economy, and threats to our(More)
Digital Video is an exciting new medium with the potential to revolutionize the way organizations train their employees. However, there are questions that must be answered. How practical is video? What is the demand? What is the best use of video? In this paper, we compare the performance and quality of common digital formats, analyze 851,770 queries from(More)
The knickzones are defined as locally steep riverbed segments, such as a convex reach in a concave-up longitudinal profile. They are worldwide distributed and geologically well studied, but despite their distinctiveness as a particular kind of macrohabitat there is a notorious lack of ecological knowledge. In this context, this research proposal aims to(More)
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