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The relationship between labor pain and concomitant psychological state, in terms of prenatal anxiety levels and post-partum mood, has been studied. A consecutive series of primiparae (n = 129) was assessed at intervals over the course of their pregnancy and after delivery. State anxiety was measured at recruitment (10-14 weeks of pregnancy), 10 weeks, 32(More)
The practice and theoretical basis of pain measurement is reviewed and critically examined in the areas of animal research, human subjects laboratory investigation and clinical study. The advantages and limitations of both physiological and behavioral methods are discussed in each area, and subjective report procedures are evaluated in human laboratory and(More)
The response profiles on the McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ) were compared with those obtained from a checklist format, consisting of the 78 MPQ words arranged in random order. Both forms were administered to 3 patient groups: (a) primiparae experiencing post-episiotomy pain (n = 60); (b) outpatients attending a rheumatology clinic wisdom tooth extraction(More)
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Chronic pelvic pain is a common presenting complaint in gynecology clinics. In a proportion of cases no pathology or sufficient pathology can be found to account for the level of complaint. This paper reviews the evidence on the psychological characteristics of patients presenting with chronic pelvic pain without obvious pathology. Methodological(More)
Pregnant women's attitudes towards their fetus over the course of the pregnancy were studied in relation to physiological events of pregnancy, namely seeing the fetus via ultrasound and experiencing fetal movement. A consecutive series of primiparae (n = 129) was randomly assigned, at recruitment between 10 and 14 weeks menstrual age, to conditions of high(More)
The McGill pain questionnaire (MPQ) was administered to 166 women attending Gynaecology Clinics complaining of dysmenorrhoea. Responses were subjected to factor analysis with 4 dimensions emerging. These reflected sensory qualities of the pain experience and factors related to the reaction component of the pain. These results are considered in relation to(More)
The psychological characteristics of a consecutive series (n = 58) of women attending an AID clinic have been examined. Women were assessed prior to treatment on a number of attitudinal and acceptability measures, as well as required to complete personality and martial adjustment inventories. At the time of each insemination, over 6 successive cycles, state(More)