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FG is created by combining the two principal clotting factors found in plasma, fibrinogen and thrombin, whose natural function is to halt bleeding and seal tissues. We determined the safety, and efficacy of autologous FG by an automated device CryoSeal FS System. This procedure allows the blood transfusion center to produce a standardized product having(More)
Within 24 hours after dental treatment, discomfort was experienced by 78% of the patients questioned. Sensitivity to cold was the most frequent type of discomfort experienced (reported by 50% of the patients). Postoperative discomfort resulting from cold stimulus was most often mild (in 78%), occasionally moderate (in 22%), and never severe. The duration of(More)
BACKGROUND Third molars are teeth that have little functional value and a relatively high rate of associated pain and disease. Their value as part of the dentition of modern people is dubious. TYPES OF STUDIES REVIEWED The authors review the evolution, development, morbidity and treatment of third molars. They assess the value of third molars in the 21st(More)
BACKGROUND Third molars are teeth with questionable value. People who never develop third molars avoid confronting the disease and pain these teeth often cause. Since third molars do not begin to develop until children are approximately five years of age, a window of opportunity exists to therapeutically prevent this tooth's development. The dentition of(More)
BACKGROUND Children often receive inferior alveolar nerve blocks (IANBs) when their third molars are just beginning to develop. The location of the third-molar follicle is close to where the needle penetrates during an IANB. The authors examined the possible association between IANBs and missing third molars. METHODS The authors examined 439 potential(More)
Many of the signs and symptoms of muscle pathosis and fatigue are better treated when the underlying cellular and biochemical mechanisms of muscle function are approached. The basic structural and functional components of muscle tissue and the biochemical cellular activity of muscle contraction have been described. The muscle physiology of the functional(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Third molars (wisdom teeth) in humans have limited functional value and cause a high frequency of morbidity. A window of opportunity exists to stop their development. The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether a long pulse diode laser can selectively prevent third molar development in a rat animal model. STUDY(More)
A student's improvement in technical skill during preclinical technique courses is greatly aided if the student receives accurate descriptive feedback concerning the quality of his practice exercises and how his product could be corrected. A numerical or letter grade alone cannot do this. An evluation form was developed to enable the preclinical faculty to(More)