Anthony R Reed

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BACKGROUND Hemodynamic responses to spinal anesthesia (SA) for cesarean delivery in patients with severe preeclampsia are poorly understood. This study used a beat-by-beat monitor of cardiac output (CO) to characterize the response to SA. The hypothesis was that CO would decrease from baseline values by less than 20%. METHODS Fifteen patients with severe(More)
BACKGROUND This study compared cardiac output (CO) measurements derived from pulse waveform analysis with values obtained by thermodilution (TD), in patients with post-partum complications of severe pre-eclampsia. METHODS Eighteen patients were recruited, 24-96 h post-delivery. After central venous calibration of the pulse waveform analysis monitor(More)
T he population growth of the planet is almost entirely in the developing world and is accompanied by an unacceptably high number of maternal deaths. The World Health Organization Millennium Development Goal 5 to reduce maternal mortality by 75% between 1990 and 2015 provides a clear target; however, an effective strategy to deal with the ongoing epidemic(More)
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