Anthony R. Rafferty

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Arrested embryonic development involves the downregulation or cessation of active cell division and metabolic activity, and the capability of an animal to arrest embryonic development results in temporal plasticity of the duration of embryonic period. Arrested embryonic development is an important reproductive strategy for egg-laying animals that provide no(More)
Leatherback turtles have an average global hatching success rate of ~50%, lower than other marine turtle species. Embryonic death has been linked to environmental factors such as precipitation and temperature, although, there is still a lot of variability that remains to be explained. We examined how nesting season, the time of nesting each season, the(More)
Hematologic and serum biochemical analyses were performed on 30 wild-caught, gravid, Australian freshwater chelonians. Species sampled were western long-necked turtles (Chelodina oblonga; n = 13), common long-necked turtles (Chelodina longicollis; n = 8), and Murray River turtles (Emydura macquarii; n = 9). Turtles were obtained from Lake Goolellal in(More)
Although viviparity (live birth) has evolved from oviparity (egg laying) at least 140 times in vertebrates, nearly 120 of these independent events occurred within a single reptile taxon. Surprisingly, only squamate reptiles (lizards and snakes) are capable of facilitating embryonic development to increasingly advanced stages inside the mother during(More)
Citations published in online supplementary material (OSM) are invisible to search engines used to calculate citation counts, potentially negatively impacting popular performance indices and journal rankings that rely on citation counts for quantification. To quantify the number of citations that are "lost" in OSM, we conducted a systematic survey of(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether 4 commonly used self-inflating bags with a reservoir in situ can reliably deliver different oxygen concentrations (21%-100%) using a portable oxygen cylinder with flows of ≤5 L/min. STUDY DESIGN Four self-inflating bags (from Laerdal, Ambu, Parker Healthcare, and Mayo Healthcare) were tested to provide positive pressure(More)
AIM This study investigated whether chorioamnionitis was associated with increased inflammation, dyslipidaemia and adverse cardiovascular phenotypes in the immediate postnatal period. METHODS This prospective case-control study included preterm infants (30(+0) -35(+6) weeks gestational age, GA) whose mothers did not have pregnancy-related conditions that(More)
We investigated whether histological evidence of early atherosclerosis was present in the umbilical artery of 21 pregnancies complicated by severe perinatal inflammation, and 21 controls matched for gestational age, sex and birth weight. Severe chorioamnionitis with funisitis was associated with increased numbers of CD68 and CD45 positive cells (both P <(More)
Life-history theory predicts that a trade-off in the allocation of resources between different physiological systems exists because resources are finite. As a result, females investing heavily in reproduction may compromise their future health. We used hematology, serum biochemistry, mass, and morphometric measurements as indicators of physiological health(More)