Anthony R. Nigara

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The transmission blocking probability (TBP) quality of service metric for wireless ad hoc networks is determined analytically for networks using cooperative diversity. The TBP is determined using Markov analysis and trunking theory. This metric is then compared with previous work on the TBP for ad hoc networks that do not communicate with the aid of a(More)
Throughput capacity of large ad hoc networks has been shown to scale adversely with the size of network n. However the need for the nodes to find or repair routes has not been analyzed in this context. In this paper, we explicitly take route discovery into account and obtain the scaling law for the throughput capacity under general assumptions on the(More)
The lack of infrastructure inherent to wireless ad hoc networks leads to the problem of distributed route discovery and maintenance. We introduce an analytical model and perform a quantitative analysis of the route discovery process (RDP) in wireless ad hoc networks. Bounds on RDP performance in terms of pertinent system parameters are determined. We apply(More)
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