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Neurogenesis occurs at the subependymal zone (SEZ) of the adult brain. Neural progenitor cells give rise to neuroblasts, which migrate to the olfactory bulb (OB) via the rostral migratory stream (RMS). Development of methods capable of labelling and tracking these cells in vivo would be of great benefit to the understanding of neuroblast migration away from(More)
Ambitious international efforts are underway to produce gene-knockout mice for each of the 25,000 mouse genes, providing a new platform to study mammalian development and disease. Robust, large-scale methods for morphological assessment of prenatal mice will be essential to this work. Embryo phenotyping currently relies on histological techniques but these(More)
This study aims to identify the minimum requirements for an accurate model of the diffusion MR signal in white matter of the brain. We construct a hierarchy of two-compartment models of white matter from combinations of simple models for the intra and extracellular spaces. We devise a new diffusion MRI protocol that provides measurements with a wide range(More)
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