Anthony Phan

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The amplify-and-forward (AF) relay beamforming problems are naturally formulated as indefinite quadratic (nonconvex) optimization programs. The typical methods for solving such optimization problems are to transform them into convex semi-definite programs (SDPs) with additional rank-one (nonconvex and discontinuous) constraints. The rank-one constraints are(More)
Consider a probability measure μ supported by a regular geodesic ball in a manifold. For any p ≥ 1 we define a stochastic algorithm which converges almost surely to the p-mean ep of μ. Assuming furthermore that the functional to minimize is regular around ep, we prove that a natural renormalization of the inhomogeneous Markov chain converges in law into an(More)
Robotic rehabilitation has proven to be cost-effective in accelerating the rehabilitation process by eliminating the constant need for supervision by a therapist. This work aimed to design and develop a novel three-dimensional (3D) printable non-assembly five-fingered robotic hand exoskeleton for rehabilitation. A single degree-of-freedom (DOF) linkage was(More)
space-system architects and researchers to investigate Abstract-We compare two scrubbing mitigation schemes for alternative approaches to design. Although it is well Xilinx FPGA devices. The design of the scrubbers is briefly understood that commercial FPGA devices are more discussed along with an examination of mitigation limitations. susceptible to(More)
Two kinds of systems will be described. The first is based on non-diffraction limited cat's eyes using telecentric lenses. These systems were used to implement a short-range optical link (3 meters) that was inserted into a standard 1553 protocol network. We will describe the optical design and the MQW photonic back-plane. We will also discuss a(More)
To help understand the complex fuel spray combustion phenomena in modern diesel engine using high injection pressure, a fuel injection test bench and a constant volume combustion chamber were developed and demonstrated in this study for diesel spray diagnostics. Both facilities are significant when linking between spray injection and combustion dynamics and(More)
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