Anthony Papavasiliou

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We have used bipotent postnatal cortical oligodendroglial-astroglial progenitor cells (O-2As) to examine the role of inductive signals in astroglial lineage commitment. O-2A progenitor cells undergo progressive oligodendroglial differentiation when cultured in serum-free medium, but differentiate into astrocytes in medium supplemented with FBS. We now(More)
In this paper we present a unit commitment model for studying the impact of large-scale wind integration in power systems with transmission constraints and system component failures. The model is formulated as a two-stage stochastic program with uncertain wind production in various locations of the network as well as generator and transmission line(More)
In this paper we propose a direct coupling of renewable generation with deferrable demand in order to mitigate the unpredictable and non-controllable fluctuation of renewable power supply. We cast our problem in the form of a stochastic dynamic program and we characterize the value function of the problem in order to develop efficient solution methods. We(More)
We present a two-stage stochastic programming model for committing reserves in systems with large amounts of wind power. We describe wind power generation in terms of a representative set of appropriately weighted scenarios, and we present a dual decomposition algorithm for solving the resulting stochastic program. We test our scenario generation(More)
OBJECT The authors analyzed their series of carotid endarterectomies (CEAs), which were performed after administration of either a general or regional anesthetic, to determine whether the choice of anesthetic affected patients' clinical outcomes and length of hospital stay. METHODS A series of 803 consecutive CEAs performed between July 1990 and February(More)
The patterns and mechanisms of action of inductive signals that orchestrate neural lineage commitment and differentiation in the mammalian brain are incompletely understood. To examine these developmental issues, we have utilized several culture systems including conditionally immortalized cell lines, subventricular zone progenitor cells and primary(More)
Currently, there is a national push for a smarter electric grid, one that is more controllable and flexible. Only limited control and flexibility of electric assets is currently built into electric network optimization models. Optimal transmission switching is a low cost way to leverage grid controllability: to make better use of the existing system and(More)
We propose a settlement mechanism for optimally scheduling real time electricity consumption which is suitable for an automated demand response control system. Our proposed settlement mechanism, supply function bidding, is interpreted as a Newton algorithm for optimization problems with decomposable structure, and it is shown to satisfy the second(More)