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Spinal cord injury was induced in rat by weight drop. The extent of degradation of neurofilament proteins in the lesion following trauma was examined and served as a measure of calpain activity. Calpain was identified in the samples by myelin mcalpain antibody and the content was estimated from the immunoblot. There was progressive degradation of both 68(More)
To identify genes involved in axon regeneration, differential screening was applied to RNA isolated from spinal cord of mice subjected to sciatic nerve transection or crush injury. A 4-kb transcript, termed nna1, was identified that was rapidly induced in affected motor neurons in both paradigms. The levels of nna1 transcript levels declined in motor(More)
AIM To describe a respiratory support programme for children at home by parents and layperson carers. METHODS Analysis of records of children with long-term mechanical respiratory support at home. RESULTS From 1979 to 2008 the programme managed 168 children (median age 7 years, range 3 weeks-19 years) with obstructive sleep apnoea (55, 32%),(More)
The aim of the current study was to determine the temperature range of gas at the point at which it passes into a heated humidifier within an intensive care unit and to experimentally examine the effect of different inlet gas temperatures on the performance of a heated humidifier. Various gas and ambient temperatures were measured in an intensive care unit(More)
blood engraftment with ex vivo mesenchymal-cell coculture. s expanded hematopoietic progenitor cells (HPC) are capable of outcompeting the unmanipulated (UM) cord blood unit and of prolonged myeloid and lymphoid engraftment following myeloablative dual umbilical cord blood (UCB) transplantation. Safety and exploratory efficacy of ex-vivo expanded umbilical(More)
There is increasing evidence that VEGF-A antagonists may be detrimental to neuronal health following ocular administration. Here we investigated firstly the effects of VEGF-A neutralization on retinal neuronal survival in the Ins2(Akita) diabetic and JR5558 spontaneous choroidal neovascularization (CNV) mice, and then looked at potential mechanisms(More)
  • S T T R R U U C C T T I I O O N N, Bryan Adgate, +7 authors Mark Wagner
  • 2002
PATH (Partnership for Advanced Technology in Housing) is a new private/public effort to develop, demonstrate, and gain widespread market acceptance for the " Next Generation " of American housing. Through the use of new or innovative technologies the goal of PATH is to improve the quality, durability, environmental efficiency, and affordability of(More)
OBJECTIVE Oxygen-filled self-inflating resuscitators are used by some as a source of oxygen for spontaneously breathing patients. In this application, the bag is not compressed and oxygen is assumed to flow freely from the patient outlet through a mask positioned loosely over the patient's face. We tested 11 resuscitators to determine the delivery of oxygen(More)
INTRODUCTION The reported incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) in Wales is low compared with surveillance data from other European regions. It is unclear whether this reflects success of the Welsh healthcare-associated infection prevention measures or limitations in the application of European VAP surveillance methods. Our primary aim was to(More)