Anthony Novell

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— Conventionnal ultrasound contrast imaging systems use a fixed transmit frequency. However it is known that the insonified medium (microbubbles) is time-varying and therefore an adapted time-varying excitation is expected. We suggest an adaptive imaging technique which selects the optimal transmit frequency that maximizes the contrast tissue ratio (CTR).(More)
We optimize the encapsulation and investigate the pharmacokinetics of 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) delivered by thermosensitive stealth® liposomes (TSLs) designed to trigger drug release upon hyperthermia using focused ultrasound (FUS). 5-FU was encapsulated into liposomes made of(More)
— The ultrasound (US) contrast imaging is a promising technique. Currently the scientific community of this field seeks US excitations which should make possible the optimization of the acoustic contrast. Two matched filters (MF) techniques are used to improve the image contrast. The first technique is an adaptive MF technique and the second is a RLS(More)
In ultrasound (US), a natural competition exists between the resolution of the image and the depth-of-field (DOF) into the medium, competition which is difficult to overcome with current US probe. Using large bandwidth transducer, such as cMUT, and the possibility to transmit several frequencies in one single transmission, we propose a multi-frequency(More)
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