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BACKGROUND Knowing the best way of structuring your paper when writing it, and the most appropriate journal to send it to, really helps in getting your paper accepted. Also understanding how editors and publishers think and what they expect, and knowing how the peer review process works, is invaluable insight into the publishing process. RESULTS After(More)
I want to discuss a certain argument for the claim that definite descriptions are ambiguous between a Russellian quantificational interpretation and a predicational interpretation.1 The argument is found in James McCawley’s (1981) book Everything Linguists Have Always Wanted to Know about Logic (but were ashamed to ask). The argument has also been(More)
The effects of lithium dialkylamide structure, mixed aggregate formation, and solvation on the stereoselectivity of ketone enolization were examined. Of the lithium dialkylamides examined, lithium tetramethylpiperidide (LiTMP) in THF resulted in the best enolization selectivity. The stereoselectivity was further improved in the presence of a(More)
Precise, accurate and clear writing is essential for communicating in health sciences, as publication is an important component in the university criteria for academic promotion and in obtaining funding to support research. In spite of this, the development of writing skills is a subject infrequently included in the curricula of faculties of medicine and(More)
The aims were to evaluate the suitability of two systems for a wireless digital communications system to link two buildings that are 275m apart. Originally, neither of the systems met the BER specified. Some of the specifications were definite, whereas others were assumptions/suggestions that could be altered in particular the noise figure (11dB) being(More)
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