Anthony N. Johnson

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Evolutionary graph theory (EGT), studies the ability of a mutant gene to overtake a finite structured population. In this review, we describe the original framework for EGT and the major work that has followed it. This review looks at the calculation of the "fixation probability" - the probability of a mutant taking over a population and focuses on(More)
A method of order four for finding multiple zeros of nonlinear functions is developed. The method is based on Jarratt’s 4 fifth-order method (for simple roots) and it requires one evaluation of the function and three evaluations of the derivative. The 5 informational efficiency of the method is the same as previously developed schemes of lower order. For(More)
Security organizations often attempt to disrupt terror or insurgent networks by targeting "high value targets" (HVT's). However, there have been numerous examples that illustrate how such networks are able to quickly re-generate leadership after such an operation. Here, we introduce the notion of a "shaping" operation in which the terrorist network is first(More)
Approximately 50% of the annual increase in hospital costs comes from increased resource use per hospital admission. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs), given their fixed financial resources for patient care, have an incentive to constrain their enrollees' use of hospital resources. Our analysis investigates differences in length of stay, total(More)
AUTHORS’ NOTE: This paper is an extended version of a West Point senior capstone project paper by Sean Eyre, Randolph Rotte, and Theodore Taggart under the advisement of Paulo Shakarian, Chirsta Chewar, Anthony Johnson, and Patrick Roos. The original work by Eyre, Rotte, and Taggart was awarded “Best Computer Science Project,” “Best Network Science(More)
In this study we explore whether HMO-induced competition has contained expenditures in Minneapolis/St. Paul hospitals. Specifically, we assessed the impact of HMOs on revenue, cost, and net income per admission in Twin Cities hospitals from 1979 to 1981. Some HMOs have obtained negotiated discounts from hospitals. We found that hospitals which gave larger(More)
The complex variable boundary element method or CVBEM is a numerical technique that can provide solutions to potential value problems in two or more dimensions by the use of an approximation function that is derived from the Cauchy integral equation in complex analysis. Given the potential values (i.e. a Dirichlet problem) along the boundary, the typical(More)
Cost-shifting, the practice by hospitals of raising their prices to make up for reimbursement shortfalls from payers that do not pay full charges, is an important and controversial issue. Concerns about cost-shifting, particularly its effects on payment equity and cost escalation, have led many insurers, business groups, and legislators to advocate(More)