Anthony Molinaro

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Conventional cellular systems efficiency is currently being challenged by the continuously changing and more demanding world of mobile services and communications. The major problems in conventional cellular communication systems are the limited autonomy of battery-powered mobile devices and the low data rate of currently available services. In this work a(More)
Past crises all over the world (09/11, tsunami, etc.) have highlighted the importance of the availability of critical up-to-date information in real-time at the place where required. The key need is, consequently, for reliable communication systems to coordinate emergency operations even when existing infrastructures are damaged. In this case, rapidly(More)
The recent advances in sensing and communication technologies pave the way for interfacing cars with smartphones to offer value-added services to users on the road. Kinematics, automotive diagnostics, passengers load, and pollution data can be provided by vehicles, augmented with external sensors, to make the road transport greener and smarter. With the(More)
Content-centric networking (CCN) is a promising paradigm for the future Internet architecture. Data access and delivery in a content-centric network rely on content names instead of host addresses. Some preliminary results have shown that a CCN-like approach outperforms the legacy TCP/IP protocol suite and well copes with dynamic, short-lived and(More)
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