Anthony Michael Granville

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Investigation into the mussel-inspired polymerization of dopamine has led to the realization that other compounds possessing potential quinone structures could undergo similar self-polymerizations in mild buffered aqueous conditions. To this end, 5-hydroxyindazole was added to a dopamine polymerization matrix in varying amounts, to study its incorporation(More)
Distillation-precipitation polymerization of divinylbenzene was applied to obtain uniform-sized polymeric microspheres. The microspheres were then modified with polypentafluorostyrene chains utilizing surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization techniques. The hydrophobic fluoropolymer-coated microsphere was then converted to a hydrophilic(More)
Poly(methyl methacrylate) polymer based Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance biosensor chips were successfully fabricated using glycopolymer brushes carrying glucose moieties for the detection of concanavalin A. Poly(pentafluorostyrene), with pre-determined polymer chain lengths, were synthesized via a reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer(More)
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