Anthony McIsaac

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We consider the problem of reasoning with linear temporal logic on truncated paths. A truncated path is a path which is finite, but not necessarily maximal. Truncated paths arise naturally in several areas, among which are incomplete verification methods (such as simulation or bounded model checking) and hardware resets. We present a formalism for reasoning(More)
In this study, we investigated the biochemical basis for the induction of sialomucin production in HT-29 LMM human colon carcinoma cells. Previous studies showed that conditioned medium from organ cultures of normal human colonic connective tissues (NCCM) stimulated the biosynthesis of high molecular weight sialoglycoproteins (M(r) 740,000 and 450,000) by(More)
Modern hardware designs are typically based on multiple clocks. While a singly-clocked hardware design is easily described in standard temporal logics, describing a multiply-clocked design is cumbersome. Thus it is desirable to have an easier way to formulate properties related to clocks in a temporal logic. We present a relatively simple solution built on(More)
The stimulation of high molecular weight sialoglycoprotein synthesis by a soluble factor derived from normal colon tissues was studied in vitro with human colon carcinoma cell lines, HT-29 P and a metastatic variant HT-29 LMM. The synthesis of all three high-molecular-weight sialoglycoproteins (approximate Mr 900,000, 740,000, and 450,000) by HT-29 P cells(More)
Although the biologic response modifier tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) is a known differentiation inducer in hematopoietic cells, its role in differentiation of other tissue types has yet to be elucidated. In the studies presented here, TNF treatment of the human rectal adenocarcinoma cell line, DiFi, elicits characteristics of early stage(More)
1 Syntax Boolean expression syntax varies according to the Sugar flavor used. The formal syntax definition uses the complete set {¬, ∧}, and semantics are given here only to these two operators. Semantics of any other boolean expression follow directly from these. Definition 1 (Boolean expression). – Every atomic proposition is a boolean expression. – If b,(More)