Anthony McCallum

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The PAZAR database unites independently created and maintained data collections of transcription factor and regulatory sequence annotation. The flexible PAZAR schema permits the representation of diverse information derived from experiments ranging from biochemical protein-DNA binding to cellular reporter gene assays. Data collections can be made available(More)
Traditional generative Markov random fields for segmenting images model the image data and corresponding labels jointly, which requires extensive independence assumptions for tractability. We present the conditional random field for an application in sign detection, using typical scale and orientation selective texture filters and a nonlinear texture(More)
There is little evidence of widespread adoption of speech summarization systems. This may be due in part to the fact that the natural language heuristics used to generate summaries are often optimized with respect to a class of evaluation measures that, while computationally and experimentally inexpensive, rely on subjectively selected gold standards(More)
The past decade has witnessed an explosion in the size and availability of online audio-visual repositories, such as entertainment, news, or lectures. Summarization systems have the potential to provide significant assistance with navigating such repositories. Unfortunately, automatically-generated summaries often fall short of delivering the information(More)
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