Anthony McBrearty

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BACKGROUND Ainhum and pseudoainhum are the conditions identified by the presence of a constriction band, usually over the extremities. CASE DETAILS We report a case of pseudoainhum in a Caucasian female with underlying chronic lower limb peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The management of pseudoainhum in patients with PAD is discussed. CONCLUSION(More)
A 72 year-old-female presented to the Emergency Department with a twelve hour history of sudden onset generalised abdominal pain and distension. On examination she was systemically unwell and had a rigid abdomen with fourquadrant peritonism. On further questioning, she reported a 10 month history of an exquisitely tender swelling over the posterior aspect(More)
Case Report: A 63year old lady was admitted to hospital with a 3day history of lower abdominal pain and obstipation. On examination, she demonstrated a distended tender abdomen. Digital examination revealed faecal impaction of the rectum. Blood investigations were normal and abdominal X-ray revealed dilated large bowel loops with some faecal loading.(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with locally advanced or low rectal cancers, long-course chemoradiotherapy (LCCRT) is recommended prior to surgical management.1 The need for restaging afterwards has been questioned as it may be difficult to interpret imaging due to local tissue effects of chemoradiotherapy. The purpose of this study was to determine if restaging(More)
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