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Uses and Grats 2.0: New Gratifications for New Media
This article responds to recent calls for conceptual and methodological refinement, issued by uses-and-gratifications scholars (Rubin, 2009; Ruggiero, 2000), for studying emergent media. Noting thatExpand
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Online teaching and technological affordances: An experimental investigation into the impact of modality and clarity on perceived and actual learning
We found that online lectures presented in a multimodal format were better at facilitating positive student experiences with instructors, as well as perceived and actual learning than lectures that contained only one mode of information. Expand
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The 2008 Presidential Election, 2.0: A Content Analysis of User-Generated Political Facebook Groups
Although Facebook is primarily known for building and maintaining relationships, the 2008 presidential election highlighted this social networking website as a viable tool for politicalExpand
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Gaming Across Different Consoles: Exploring the Influence of Control Scheme on Game-Player Enjoyment
We explored the relationship between the type of console played (Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2) and feelings of flow and enjoyment during the game-play experience. Expand
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Perceptions of Moral Violations and Personality Traits Among Heroes and Villains
This study investigates disposition-formation processes in entertainment by predicting perceptions of media heroes and villains by their behavior in specific moral domains. Participants ratedExpand
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Understanding the Relationship Between Exergame Play Experiences, Enjoyment, and Intentions for Continued Play.
OBJECTIVE Although it is generally understood that exergames can be beneficial, more research is needed to understand how in-game experiences influence enjoyment and the likelihood for continued useExpand
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The Impact of Game Customization and Control Mechanisms on Recall of Integral and Peripheral Brand Placements in Videogames
We show that game customization significantly increases recall of an integral brand placement-one that is central to actual game play-but not of peripheral brands, which simply appear within the game. Expand
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Feeling the Need for (Personalized) Speed: How Natural Controls and Customization Contribute to Enjoyment of a Racing Game Through Enhanced Immersion
This study demonstrates the positive effects of a steering-wheel controller and the opportunity to customize the driven vehicle on enjoyment of a console driving game, as mediated by transportation and challenge-skill balance. Expand
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Expanding the Scope of Instructional Communication Research: Looking Beyond Classroom Contexts
The bulk of instructional communication research to date examines communication among teachers and students in conventional classroom contexts. Although past and present research is prolific andExpand
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Are "Wii" Exercising Correctly? Understanding How Exergames Can Be Used to Increase Knowledge of Exercise Behavior.
OBJECTIVE Many studies have investigated how commercial exergames can be used to increase physical activity and energy expenditure, but relatively few have focused on understanding if these games canExpand
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