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The N-terminal 18-amino acid sequence of the beta-chain of hemoglobin, as far as the end of the A helix, has been replaced by the corresponding sequence of the gamma-chain of fetal hemoglobin with the remaining sequence of the beta-chain retained (helices B through H). The gamma-beta-chain had the correct mass, and its entire sequence was established by(More)
Both superantigens (SAG) and many anti-TCR monoclonal antibodies (mAb) have specificity for the V beta region of the TCR encoded by TCRBV genes. For instance the bacterial SAG staphylococcal enterotoxin E (SEE), the retroviral SAG MTV-9 and the mAb OT145 each react with human T cells expressing BV6S7. This BV gene encodes two common alleles. We found that(More)
HIV-1 blocks apoptosis, programmed cell death, an innate defense of cells against viral invasion. However, apoptosis can be selectively reactivated in HIV-infected cells by chemical agents that interfere with HIV-1 gene expression. We studied two globally used medicines, the topical antifungal ciclopirox and the iron chelator deferiprone, for their effect(More)
The assessment of degree of joint inflammation using USG imaging is a challenging task, and thus the results may differ between experts. Therefore, the evaluation of images by a computer program may be a vital solution for objective assessment of disease progression. In this paper an original pipeline, developed for precise estimation of bone line and joint(More)
  • Adam Popowicz, Koloryzacja Obrazów, Biomedycznych Oprata, Na Mechanizmie, Propagacji Pikseli, A Popowicz +1 other
  • 2016
In the paper we present a new algorithm of biomedical image colorization based on distance transformation and modified bilateral filtering approach. The method utilizes the scribbles inserted by the user to properly cover the image regions with desirable colors. We present the idea of our algorithm, explain the role of tunable parameters and provide some(More)
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