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Transferrin receptor 1 (TfR) plays a critical role in cellular iron import for most higher organisms. Cell surface TfR binds to circulating iron-loaded transferrin (Fe-Tf) and transports it to acidic endosomes, where low pH promotes iron to dissociate from transferrin (Tf) in a TfR-assisted process. The iron-free form of Tf (apo-Tf) remains bound to TfR and(More)
BACKGROUND After performing a fragment based screen the resulting hits need to be prioritized for follow-up structure elucidation and chemistry. This paper describes a new similarity metric, Atom-Atom-Path (AAP) similarity that is used in conjunction with the Directed Sphere Exclusion (DISE) clustering method to effectively organize and prioritize the(More)
  • Christopher E. Heise, Jeremy Murray, Katherine E. Augustyn, Brandon Bravo, Preeti Chugha, Frederick Cohen +15 others
  • 2012
Inhibition of caspase-6 is a potential therapeutic strategy for some neurodegenerative diseases, but it has been difficult to develop selective inhibitors against caspases. We report the discovery and characterization of a potent inhibitor of caspase-6 that acts by an uncompetitive binding mode that is an unprecedented mechanism of inhibition against this(More)
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